Just over 30 days to go…the job hunt begins!



It is now starting to become so so real and scary…I am leaving the UK in just over a months time and I am bricking it.

It has been a struggle trying to tie up lose ends and pack whilst working a full-time and part-time job but I feel confident that I am on track.

The next big hurdle is finding a job and now with a month to go it is time to pick up the pace and put myself out there. It is possible that I may not get very far as I am still in the UK but so far I have some leads with volunteer work. Yes, I know it means I won’t get paid but it is still that vital ‘Canadian work experience’ that I hear employers crave so much on peoples’ resumes.


Easier said then done me thinks…

If I don’t receive much interest before I leave then at least I can say I tried. I will need to look at making a plan B and C in case I cannot get the sort of work I want and which I have experience in.

Another option is not to activate my visa straight away and enter as a visitor to get some idea on the job market. If nothing comes about then I may to travel to another city. Believe me I really don’t want to but if I don’t have a job then I don’t earn any money and if I don’t earn any money I am going to struggle to live and be miserable and not have any fun and that is definitely not the experience I want.

So the pressure is now on for me and luckily I have already got my resume and covering letter template sorted so finger crossed as I enter the unknown and daunting world of Canadian job hunting (cue twilight zone music)


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