A little about me :) and my decisions to head to the land of the maple leaf

So I have written two posts so far but when I went back to re-read them they appeared to be a bit cold so I thought I would talk about myself so you know who is writing this crazy blog so here we go!

My name is Becki and I am nearly 30 years young (luckily I have been informed I don’t look it but you can make your own opinion about that).


Since finishing university in 2007  (with a degree that was only useful for 10 months), I worked as a Teacher in China for 6 months and I believe it was then that started me on my love of travelling and exploring the world. I travelled around parts of South East Asia including Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and Macau. After my return to the UK, I worked for a bit doing a few odd jobs but still had the travelling bug so I saved up my wages and travelled around Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore (again), Australia and South Africa.

After returning in 2010, I decided to work on my career and go into a completely different industry to what I was trained in. I started with voluntary work then was offered part time and then went to full time and earlier this year earned a promotion but I felt that I was still itching to go travelling again.

So why Canada? 

I had thought about Canada before but it wasn’t until I met a guy who had recently returned to the UK from being on a working holiday visa (back when it was through BUNAC – more on them on another post). He made it sound really amazing and I became interested in this vast and exciting country. Me and the guy ended up dating soon after and when he decided he was going back out, I went to visit him in Toronto.

I loved Toronto: the sites, the culture, the fashion, the nightlife and the general friendliness of the people. I decided then I would go for the working visa next year.


Unfortunately after two visits and six months of long distance, me and the guy broke up and all of a sudden Toronto didn’t seem like a viable option anymore but I had another idea…

I believe there is no better way to getting over a broken relationship then by travelling…so I decided to book a trip to Seattle in the USA. I had always wanted to go because of the music scene (Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Jimi Hendrix) and also because I loved the movie: ’10 things I hate about you’.


I had three awesome days in Seattle before working my way down by greyhound (22 hours – never again!!) to sunny San Francisco. After a visit to Alcatraz (pretty much the only reason I went to SF) and a week by ‘The Bay’, I decided to travel back up and cross the border into Canada to check out the city of Vancouver.

Well, what can I say…I fell in love! It was a different kind of love I experienced compared to the metropolis of Toronto. Vancouver had wide open spaces (Stanley Park), mountains surrounding the city (Grouse) little historical areas full of trendy bars (Gas town), gorgeous beaches (English Bay) and a chilled vibe. I had a lot of fun in Vancouver and spent many a night at The Beaver Bar, underneath the Samesun Hostel, drinking and socialising with a mixture of Brits, Australians and Canadians.


Loose Moose…What awaits you at The Beaver Bar…

View from Grandville Island

View from Grandville Island

Stanley Park and the glorious mountains

Stanley Park and the glorious mountains

I knew then that I wanted to come back, adopt a different lifestyle and experience living, working and exploring more of this amazing city and country that is Vancouver and Canada.

The issue now was securing a very sort after working holiday visa known as International Experience Canada….IEC




One thought on “A little about me :) and my decisions to head to the land of the maple leaf

  1. Hi Bec! What a wonderful blog. Very informative and fun. I will miss you tons when you go but chase that dream and don’t come back… meant in that good way of course! You are brave to be doing what you are doing but deserve all the fun, happiness, adventure and exciting times that await you! I will keep in touch and follow the blog. Take care and I will miss you! Your friend, S xx

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