Travel Journaling…the art of…

Inspirational travelling?

Inspirational travelling?

Ok so not strictly related to Canada or the pre-planning around it but I wanted to show off my journal that I created for my holidays last year.

Now to start with, I am not one to be writing a diary or travel blog each day – it is going to be a mission enough to keep this one going. However I do enjoy collecting souvenirs from places I have been and incorporating them into a journal.

I fill my journals with everything and anything including photos, flight/train/subway/museum and attraction tickets, leaflets and guides, receipts, menus, currency and bank notes, copies of visas and stamps from passport – the list goes on.

So far I have created three journals and out of these, two of them were purchased from Paperchase. They do some fantastic scrapbooks and journals, complete with cardboard pockets to place tickets, receipts, beer mats or any other bits and bobs you have picked up. You are looking around £10-£20 for a square, ring bound scrapbook but if you don’t fancy making one then they are the best way to go.

Unfortunately, my second scrapbook couldn’t cope with the amount of stuff I had put in it. The ring bindings gave out and lot of the pages ripped off. I managed to reinforce the journal by purchasing large binder rings from Ebay but as you can see, it is still struggling.

At this point, I realised that ready-made journals probably wouldn’t work for me.

I put too much in this one

I put way too much in this one!

I decided then to make one myself. I found that Poundland (yes you heard me right) do a lot of cheap arts and crafts packs as well as embossed paper, ribbon and stickers. These are good quality and can rival what you find in other craft shops.

I especially like embossed letters and alphabet stickers, these are great for adding some colour and design to your journals. I also use a greeting card wrappers – they are plain, clear plastic wraps that you can add to your journal and place small ticket stubs and leaflets. You can usually purchase them from crafts shops but I think I got mine from Wilkos.

So this is the finished piece, made completely from scratch – Blue Peter, eat your heart out!


Check out the cover 🙂


I laminated stamps from my old passport as dividers for the journal. The NEW YORK page was created using sticky letters and some buttons of NYC icons found in a craft shop in Sweden


Small clear pockets from a photo album to hold pictures from the trip


Some of my photos were enhanced and changed to back & white to give the classy NYC look


Plastic pockets – great for small tickets and attraction guides/leaflets


More back & white and a coffee cup sleeve – very NYC!


This Bloomingdales cardboard bag is actually a gift card. I thought the design was fantastic so I just had to bring one home


Postcards are a great addiction and fantastic if photography is not your thing


As a child, I used to collect key rings and I still haven’t completely managed to stop. I add them to my journals now. This one came from a brewery tour in Boston

I’m not sure if I have inspired anyone to bring out their artistic side and create a travel journal but I have shown have easy and simple it can be to do. It is completely up to you how you create it, what you fill it with and the style you decide.

If you need more inspiration, check out my pinterest page on other journals and scrapbooks.

Just have fun with it 🙂



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