Sushi, Cypress, Hockey and Buntzen Lake


So one thing that is more expensive than back home is food and groceries. Eating out (especially if you have alcoholic beverages) mounts up pretty quick and the wine and beer in the liquor stores isn’t much cheaper. One thing that I was astonished about was the price of cucumber – in the UK you pay around 50p, over here its $1.45!!!!

There is one particular food that is so much cheaper than the UK and that is sushi. There are so many restaurants and the portions are big. This sushi bento box including miso soup worked out around £8 and yes I did take some of it home.


Cypress look out

A couple of weeks ago, I got a chance to leave the city and travel across to West Vancouver (aka millionaires row) and to Horseshoe Bay, where the ferries leave for Vancouver Island. Afterwards I got the see this amazing view from Cypress Mountain at the look out.


Hockey season hasn’t started yet and tickets are usually pretty pricey. However I got the chance to go to a pre-season game with the Vancouver Canucks against the San José Sharks. The ticket cost me $20 from a website called ‘Stubhub’ and this turned out to be much cheaper than what the stadium was charging.

The Rogers Arena on the night wasn’t packed out and I think I was expecting it to feel more like a baseball game with people waving flags and with their super sized hot dogs and litre plastic cups with beer inside. It was still quite commercial though and like any sport events, food and drinks were not cheap – they also didn’t allow you to bring any bottles even if the cap hasn’t been tampered with.

The game itself was very slow to start with and I was surprised that whilst they were playing, everything was quiet – no cheering or whistling etc. However, when getting ready for ‘powerplay’ (I’m guessing similar to penalties), you get music, adverts on the big screen and some attractive reporter women trying to entice you in the team gift shop.

The one thing that interested me were the players being sent off for foals such as tripping, interference, hogging the puck etc. They have to sit in penalty box for a number of minutes (like the sin bin in rugby).

The Canucks won 4-2 in the end so it was a good match. It freaked me out every time the Canucks scored as the event was marked with an air horn, loud music and flashing lights.

I enjoyed the game but I wouldn’t pay more than $30 to watch it again – this was probably my only chance as the tickets for league matches are a lot more expensive.

Buntzen Lake

Buntzen Lakes is over near Coquitlam and Port Moody (East of Vancouver). It is absolutely stunning and luckily I had a good day for it. The hike was nice and relaxed (nothing like Grouse Grind) and I made a picnic, which was amazing to eat on the beach with all the amazing views. This is the British Columbia that I have wanted to see.




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