First snowboarding of the year :)

So I finally got out on a mountain and it was amazing!!

I went with my friend to a place called Manning Park Resort, which is in the interior of BC and not far from the Canada/US border.

After travelling from Agassiz, through to Hope. It was a scenic drives through the mountains ranges to the park. As we got closer to the park, more and more snow was around.


Manning Park itself is quite small but for under $60 for a day pass, it is worth it plus the weather was sunny and gorgeous, unlike the slopes around Vancouver.


Because it had been nearly 6 months since I had been boarding. I went out on the little bunny hills first of all. I struggled slightly with my turns but decided just to get up there and face the fear.

It was my first time on a chairlift and I felt very nervous but my friend guided me on how to get on safely and to make sure you keep one foot under your board to support it. As the chairlift was reaching higher and higher, I looked back to admire the view – as you can see it is breathtaking.



On approach to the top, I was advised how u needed to come off the lift and despite my best efforts, I still ended up falling over – something I need to work on.

I started on a blue run first of all. This had little gradients and then went into a tunnelled styled slope. At the end of the run, the gradient became very steep and I was slow getting down it.



After a few non-successful chairlifts up and a few more runs down, I started to get much faster and confident and didn’t wipe out as much.

Around lunchtime, Manning started to become much busier, with some snow schools. It was still quiet though. I also tried a green run, which are meant to be much easier then blues. However, I struggled as there were quite a few flats and I couldn’t pick up the momentum to get all the way across without unstrapping from my bindings and walking.

My legs were acheing after the early afternoon and I could feel myself getting tired but all in all, a very successful and exciting day. I have now have the buzz to go back out again. So far, in and around Vancouver, the conditions have not been great – I’m hoping it will get better very soon!




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