Snowboarding in Whistler

A good friend of mine came out to visit me from the UK last week and as we are both snowboarders, the obvious place to visit would be Whistler.

For the last few months, Whistler has had very little snow, which has meant it has not been worth the money to go up there. However, in the last few weeks there has been a large(ish) dump of snow and it just so happened to time nicely with my friend’s visit.

Last October I visited whistler just for the day so I was excited to be staying in the village and going up on the slopes.


View of the mountains from the village

After arriving early on a Sunday morning (10am), we managed to check in early to the hotel, have a quick look round the village, get our passes and for my friend to hire a snowboard and bindings.


Riding the gondola up blackcomb - still not enough snow at the bottom of the mountain


It was then time to go up to the mountain. We went up the Blackcomb gondola to the first chair lift and then up to the slopes. The views were incredible and there were very few people about. I couldn’t believe how easy it was to get lost with all the different lifts and runs. It was huge!

We went down a few different runs, mostly a combination of blues and greens. I found the blues much easier as the greens were mostly over flats – difficult to keep my balance and to keep up speed. All in all I felt I was relearning all over again.

The second day was what most skiers/boarders would call a ‘whiteout’. Visablity was very bad. We went back onto Blackcomb and took the lifts to the top (7th heaven). Up here is a small cafe hut and it was obvious how bad the weather was. However there was only one way to get down and we had to take it – along the glacier.


Visablity was bad


Can't see very much at all

This was the most challenging part yet and it took me awhile to get down. Towards the bottom of the run, the visablity was slightly better but it had started snowing heavily.


We did a couple of greens to get down but again I struggled with these due to the bad visablity. At this point it was time for me to call it a day and just get to the gondola.



The next day was a complete surprise and perfect conditions. We went up Blackcomb again, did a few runs that we had been down before and then went across to Whistler Mountain on the Peak to Peak gondola.



View of the village from peak to peak gondola

The views were amazing and I was really happy it was such a clear day.

My riding technique started to fall into place at this point and I starred working on speed. There was a couple of blue runs along the Emerald Express lift that were great to do.

It was also great to just stop and take in the scenery


Olympic rings


By about 2pm, it was time to starting making our way back down and to head back to Vancouver.

Despite my bruises and glitches with my riding, I throughly enjoyed being on the mountain and being in the village. It was just not enough time on this occasion as there is so much more to see and do. Let’s hope there is more snow to come…

Will I be back again next season – you bet! 🙂



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