What’s been happening..?!

I have been so bad at keeping on top of updating this blog but I feel now would be good time to summarize since renewing my new work permit last year.

Since September, I have been back to the UK to visit friends and family. The visit for very brief and I my days were full up in visiting people across the country.

It was good to be back but I felt very unfamiliar there. Still it did not mare things any easier when I flew out of Gatwick and back to Vancouver.

During October and November, I celebrated Thanksgiving and Halloween with friends.



I also housesat for my friends, Kat and Lucas and looked after their adorable cat, Moses whilst they did a tour of Central America.


I also enjoyed my work party for the first time since becoming a permanent member of the team.


In December, I got to experience snowboarding at Cypress Mountain and take advantage of an early season.




Christmas is always a difficult time being away from family but at least this year I wasn’t working on the day (yay!).
A couple of friends invited me to their place and put on a fantastic traditional turkey dinner. Who would have known how much I missed good grub!


January 2016 brought more snowboarding at Mt. Seymour with some awesome views:



So now I have caught up (almost), I will try and keep on top of the blog.



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