Canada Day 

As most people know, Canada Day happened this year on Friday July 1st. Unfortunately, with all my stress, worry and fatigue which had build up over the last 6 months over my PR application I was too tired to celebrate with anything fancy. 

I had hoped to go away camping for the weekend with the other half (Adam) or to Lake Okanagan but with the weather being too bad and all hotels from Kelowna to Penticton to Oosyoos sold out; it was not to be.

Instead I felt like a tourist in Vancouver again by cycling to Granville Island and trying a few of the beer flights at The Granville Island Brewery. Adam had never been to the brewery before despite living downtown since 2010 so it was a good opportunity for him to be a tourist as well.

Whilst delighting in the wonderful assortment of craft beers, we got talking to a nice English couple who were near the end of their four week vacation around Western Canada.

It was good to hear about what they liked and how much they enjoyed their time in Vancouver and Vancouver Island. The topic of ‘Brexit’ did of course come up and despite my hesitation during these past two weeks in discussing the topic; beer made things much easier for me and I was interested in their opinions.

After cycling in a slightly inebriated state back downtown, we left the bikes at Adam’s apartment, grabbed some food and went to watch the fireworks.

I missed out on the fireworks last year and too be honest, I wish I hadn’t bothered this year either. It was packed solid at Canada Place and The Convention Centre blocked the view of any late comers. 

The next day turned out to be beautiful and another tourisy activity by biking around The Seawall of Stanley Park. I’ve always enjoyed doing this even if the many tourists who I swear have never got on a bike before concern me slightly.

FYI – Adam never smiles in photos so it always looks like he isn’t enjoying himself lol.

So there you have it, not the Canada Day weekend I expected but still alot of fun. 

My plan in the next week or so is to book a weekend trip for us to The Okanagan in August – keep your fingers crossed that all the hotels are not booked out again 🙂 


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