Whistler Weekend 

Two weeks ago, my friend Isabel invited me to go to Whistler to celebrate her boyfriend, Jas’s birthday along with some of his friends.

A 3 bedroom condo had been rented in the North village (where the Château Fairmount is). The first night there was just 5 of us and we went into the village for a few drinks at the Longhorn Saloon.

Unfortunately, even though the Longhorn was quiet with no customers, we still experienced very poor service from the waitress; she insisted that Isabel left her credit card as a deposit in case we left without paying – I have never been asked for this when I’ve been out in a bar. When we checked with a large table of people next to us, they said they had not been asked for a credit card and did not have a tab going. We did complain and got attitude from the waitress and very little else from the Manager. Avoid the Longhorn!

The next day was more exciting as we went ATVin (All Terrain Vehicle – Quad biking for the Brits here). I have only ever been on one of these once when I was 18 and it was just on a private road in Milton Keynes – this was completely different.

After getting kitted out with a helmet and mask, a safety talk and explaining the controls on the ATV it was time for the adrenaline rush.

The tour was 3 hours long and we all drove up a mountain. We went on different terrain including, woodland, stone, flat road and a bit of mud. I struggled with the narrow woodland paths and the amount of dust/dirt that I encountered from the ride.

As the time went on, I got much more confident and felt able to keep up with the guide and everyone else. We stopped off and a small creek, which looked amazing and the tour guy dared us to jump in; I refused as I knew it would be freezing but Isabel, her boyfriend Jas and one of his friends did.

The top of the mountain was amazing and our guide took this crazy panoramic image with us in it 3 times (it is a great trick doing this)!

Back in the village, I decided to go back to the condo to check out the hot tub and pool and Isabel decided to get her water inflatable floats and take over the pool.

We also celebrated Jas’s birthday with these amazing cheesecake cupcakes

The evening was spent at a nice restaurant called 21 Steps in the village and a night out at Maxx Fish, where we got free entry, one free drink each and 2 bottles of champagne as there were 10 of us now (the rest if the entourage arrived Saturday evening). 

Needless to say the next day I felt a little hungover and very tired. The drive back to Vancouver was pleasent a long the sea to sky highway and we stopped off at Shannon Falls in Squamish.


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