The tale of two cheesecakes 

Last week was a ‘two pot luck week’. This means that I had a pot luck at work on Thursday and one on Friday for my friend Kat’s leaving party as her and her husband are moving to Victoria.

For anyone who doesn’t know, a pot luck is where everyone brings a dish or a meal to a gathering/party – it’s a North American thing!

My usual dish now is a chocolate cheesecake , which has gone down very well with people at work, Adam and even friends of friends (Isabel’s friends at her birthday party loved it as well as Jas – her boyfriend).

I couldn’t let anyone down so Wednesday night I made the cheesecake…Yummy!

The problem was I had another dish to prepare for Kat’s party on Friday so I decided to try the other receipe my mother sent me. This one was a strawberry jam cheesecake made with condensed milk.
I followed the receipe but really it wasn’t enough ingredients for the size of the cake tin (note to self double the ingredients next time)!

Next issue was the topping – I didn’t have any strawberry jam. I did however find a jar of mango jam that Kat brought me back from Belize last year so I opened the jar up, dunked the knife in and spread it across the cheesecake.

The final verdict?

I arrived a little to late to Kat’s event and it was dying down but Isabel showed up 30 minutes later and Adam around hour later. Everyone tried it that was left including Kat’s downstairs neighbor, David from Mexico. David was very enthusiastic about the mango cheesecake as was Isabel. Infact, Isabel even took a large piece home for her boyfriend, Jas…

Isabel’s snapchat of me holding the cheesecake as I forgot to take a photo of the finished masterpiece

My verdict…I will try this recipe again but I think it need some tweaks and larger quantities of ingredients.

If it fails then the chocolate cheesecake is always my foolproof safety net 🙂


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