PR card arrives 

And so finally the next stage of my immigration journey has come to an end. I received my Permanent Resident (PR) card in the mail yesterday – 42 days after landing! 

I’m so happy as now I can leave the country and get back in again. I will need to make sure I look after this card like a passport otherwise it’s a $50 fee, a form asking a lot of questions and a 90 day wait for a replacement.

With the arrival of the PR card, I can update HR for my BC healthcare as Medical Services Plan (MSP) would not accept my Confirmation of Permanent Residence (COPR) document. 

I will also be going to Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) to renewel my driving licence, which is an eye watering $75 for 5 years.

Last but not least, I said at the beginning that this was the end of the next stage of my immigration journey. This is because in around 3 years time, I can hopefully apply for Canadian Citizenship (if I have met the residency obligations).

At present, my time on a Temporary Work Permit (TWP) does not count towards citizenship time but as Bill C-24* is due to get repealed my the liberal government, this should change things as any time on a TWP will count as half a day towards citizenship – I currently have 10 months towards this timescale :).

*Bill c-24 was implemented by the Harper government to revoke Canadian Citizenship of terrorists but at the same time making it longer for PRs to apply for citizenship. They then got rid of any time before gaining PR counting towards citizenship time. 

Now is the time to enjoy myself and see some more of Canada (something i have not done alot of recently).



2 thoughts on “PR card arrives 

  1. Definitely look after that PR card very carefully. My PR card was stolen along with my purse in Italy in May 2015 and I only got my new one in June 2016. For a minority of replacement applications they ask you to attend an interview, which I had to do (I will add here that it took them 7 months to even contact me about the interview). The interview had to be on a very specific day and time in Vancouver and being that I live 5 hours away from Van, it was pretty tricky to organise. 13 months to receive a replacement PR card is ridiculous (it caused me a lot of issues when going and out of Canada) so needless to say I now keep that card very very secure!

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