Trip to Nova Scotia 

The time for a vacation has been long overdue for myself so I decided at the start of September to do something about it…

Both myself and my partner have never been to the East coast and his family are originally from Nova Scotia (NS).

Nova Scotia (Latin for ‘New Scotland’) is a Canadian province known as part of ‘The Maritimes’ – along with Prince Edward Island (PEI) and New Brunswick (NB). All three of these provinces are part of Atlantic Canada (including Newfoundland and Labrador – NL with that).

We left Vancouver at 12:35am (worst time ever and I slept most of it) and flew with Air Canada to Toronto. It was amazing flying into Toronto and seeing the city again and realizing how flat Ontario really is. I even flew over a prison (Maplehurst Correctional Centre?) – the beauty of a window seat and the fact I geek out about prisons.

After a 2 hour wait in the airport, it was time to board the plane to Halifax. Whilst travelling in the air, I saw Montreal from the air but couldn’t get a photo. On descending into Halifax, I got my first glimpse of Nova Scotia and its greenness.

Halifax airport is much smaller than Vancouver and at the time we landed it was very quiet. After checking out tourist information and getting our hire car, it was time to get to our Airbnb in the city of Dartmouth.

It took about 30 minutes to drive from the airport to Dartmouth and our place was easy to find. Our Airbnb host, Dawn showed us around the basement suite we would be staying in for the week, which was warm, comfortable and a good base for our travels.

After so many hours of very little sleep and no food (coffee doesn’t count unfortunately), we went into downtown Dartmouth to get some lunch. We ended up at this bar called ‘Whiskeys’ and had fish and chips and a pitcher of Alexander Keith’s (the main beer in NS). The food and drinks at Whiskey’s was reasonable and pretty good, considering we were starving. However, the bar was a bit dodgy, the locals were on slot machines (these are banned in bars in BC) and two women walked out without paying their bill with the waitress chasing after them getting very angry.

If anyone has ever watched ‘Trailer Park Boys’ then you know it’s filmed in NS and set in a trailer park in Dartmouth. I was kind if expecting Julian, Ricky and Bubbles to walk in and find Lahey at the bar, pissed out of his head. I also wondered if Randy was in the takeaway next door eating cheeseburgers lol – it was that kind of bar.

After filling out stomachs, we went to the local No Frills and grabbed some food to cook for breakfast and as snacks and went back to the house to sleep.

Unfortunately we were only meant to sleep for a few hours but it turned out to be 5 hours and missed the Canada hockey game.

We decided to be rebels and go back out to Dartmouth downtown but this time to Celtic Corner – an Irish style bar with live music. Another pitcher of Keith’s had to be ordered.


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