Day 2 – Halifax, NS 

After waking up rather late (midday), we decided to head into Halifax. As we were in Dartmouth we knew we could either take the bridge (Angus McDonald Bridge), which is $1 each way or the ferry-boat that travels between Dartmouth and Halifax ($2.50) one way. As we didn’t know the parking situation in the city we decided to take the boat across.

The ferry-boat is almost similar to the Sea Bus between Vancouver and North Vancouver except it takes less time.

The boat takes you to Waterfront area in the city, which is the main tourist area with all the cruise ships coming in and out around the piers.

The boardwalk area around the waterfront is a nice walk. We saw Theodore the Tugboat (popular with children). Fishing and sailing are the main attributes associated with NS.

We also saw some other ships and an interesting bicycle sculpture by a restaurant called ‘The Bicycle Thief’ – I’m not sure why Vancouver doesn’t have a restaurant like it seeing as that is where a lot if bikes are stolen lol.

Many of buildings looked Victorian and really added to the history of the city. It was also very similar to some cities in the UK with the style of architecture.

Walling along the boardwalk, there was a lovely looking island across the water complete with a lighthouse; this is Georges Island, which held a military fort on it (Fort Charlotte). The island is own by Parks Canada is under going restoration to become a tourist attraction.

At lunchtime, we stopped off at a place called Murphy’s over looking Georges Island. The seafood chowder was amazing!

Citadel Hill is the large star-shaped old fortified summit (Fort George) over looking the rest of the city and Halifax harbour; it was founded in 1749 and was a stronghold for the British to make sure no ships were coming in to attack. The view from the hill is pretty cool but the fort area wasn’t open when we went up there. Citadel Hill is owned by Parks Canada as it’s a heritage site.

View from Citadel Hill. The building to the left is The Scotiabank Centre where the junior hockey team , Halifax Mooseheads play. The night we were there, The Toronto Maple Leafs were playing a pre-season game against the Ottawa Senators

After spending some time in an awesome little pub called The Lower Deck and drinking Keith’s, we got chatting to one the bar staff (Josh), who gave us tips on where to go in NS and on Cape Breton Island. The bar itself feels like you are inside a boat and there are many Maritime artifacts on the wall. It is also meant to be a good place for live music.

We took the ferry back to Dartmouth in the late evening (the ferry runs till about midnight) and checked out another recommendation by a friend called Battery Park before heading back to base.

This bar only opened last December and is a craft beer bar with a selection of beer from different breweries. You can grab a flight of 4 beers for $12.

Downstairs there is also a small brewery called ‘North Brewing Co.’ this is independent from the bar upstairs but similar to the Vancouver craft breweries, you can get beer growlers filled up.


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