Day 3 – Peggy’s Cove, Lunenburg, Mahone Bay, NS

One of the biggest attractions in NS is around 45 mins by car from Halifax. Peggy’s Cove is an old Maritime rural fishing village on the South Shore. It is sometimes in the news as people have unfortunately slipped and died on the black rocks on windy days. Never the less the place is beautiful and luckily we got a good day.

After driving over the Angus McDonald Bridge between Dartmouth and Halifax (eerily like Lions Gate between Stanley Park and West Vancouver). We went through Halifax and down to coast. This drive was gorgeous with many wooden houses and boats along the shore.

Peggy’s Cove did not disappoint and it was great seeing all the views of the Atlantic Ocean. It was very windy though but also fun jumping on the rocks. I can see why on very windy, stormy days people can get badly injured.

After Peggy’s Cove, we made our way to the little fishing town of Lunenburg – a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

We stopped off at The Fisheries Museum of The Atlantic, which gave detailed information about the history of fishing complete with an old fishing trawler and a collection of lobsters and other fish as part of an aquarium.

The Bluenose II was also docked in Lunenburg. This is a replica of the famous fishing and racer schooner (The Bluenose) that won sailing competitions in the 1930s. It is also the ship featured on the NS licence plate.


After lunch in The Knot Pub in Lunenburg, we decided to drive through Mahone Bay, another little quaint village. When we visited there was a scarecrow festival happening and it obvious the local residents had put a lot of work into their creations.

The houses were also very cool and colourful. I did try to knock on the door of my friend’s father place that lives on Mahone Bay but unfortunately he wasn’t in at the time.

I also found a restaurant named after me :).

Last stop of the day was a winery that was recommended by the locals. The Lunenburg County Winery is about 45 minutes north of Mahone Bay in a village called Newburne.

The winery is locally run by Heather on Hackmatack Farm, which has blueberry bushes. Most of their wines are fruit wines and both myself and Adam tried many different types (sample size luckily lol). I decided to purchase a bottle of the Blueberry wine (the most popular) and a desert wine made with maple and apple.

It was great chatting with Heather, who explained the processing they use and just generally about NS. It also turned out age used to live in Vancouver, so we talked a lot about BC as well.

One of the best bits about the winery are her two beautiful black Labrador (Piper and Pete). When we first pulled up in the car, we thought they were territorial but as it turned out they were friendly and loved getting attention. You did have to fuss both if them though otherwise the other one would get jealous.

It took approximately 1.5 hours to get back to Dartmouth and it turned out the Angus McDonald Bridge had closed at 7pm (the bridge closes at night for repairs at present). It took me another hour to drive around Halifax to find the other bridge (Murray McKay Bridge) that was still open but we made it back in the end.


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