Day 7 – Rainbow Haven Beach, NS

Day 7 and our last day 😦

As it was lovely sunny weather, we took the car out to Rainbow Haven Beach Provincial Park in a Dartmouth area called Cole Harbour.

Cole Harbour is also where the famous Canadian hockey player, Sidney Crosby is from.

The beach did not disappoint and it was so quiet with very few people there.

We also went back into Halifax for our last visit and to get some souvenirs for family and friends. We didn’t get the ferry and took the car over the bridge however, as it was rush hour and very limited parking in the city, it took awhile to get to downtown.

I decided to have my last fish and chips at Murphy’s restaurant and wow were the portions huge!

It was great to look out over the water again but as time went on and it got darker, it was time to drive back to Dartmouth – we also had to get back before 7pm as that is when they were shutting the bridge for the night.

Last stop before getting back and packing (early flight at 6am) was Battery Park. It was much busier then when we went in on Sunday evening. We were seated out back on the patio where there is also another bar. Beers and oysters were ordered but there were not as good as the oysters in PEI.

It was hard to pack and I also had to purchase checked baggage for Air Canada ($25) so I could bring the wine back (I didn’t drink it all and wasn’t going to waste it). I left a nice note in our Airbnb host’s guest book.

Flight back to Vancouver 

Getting up at 3am and leaving at 4.30am was not fun but at least the drive to the airport was fast.

Halifax is such a tiny airport so it was easy to navigate and the flight took 1 hour  and 30 minutes to Montreal.

On arrival there was only 1 hour between connections and Montreal airport was huge and badly signposted.

On top of that my phone decided to die and it took 6 attempts to get it back on again and then the back button decided to switch my phone off rather than lock it.

The rest of the flight took 5 hours and I just watched movies throughout. Arriving at Vancouver around 9am, my luggage took a bit of time to come through but all alcoholic liquids were in tact. It was then time to go home and sleep.

My next project is to start another travel journal for the trip with everything I have collected

I’ll definitely be returning at some point in the future. 🙂


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