Homemade scrubs and masks 

On Friday, I drove one of my work colleagues in the work van to get some soap and scrub making supplies for the monthly Girls Night on a Monday evening.

Enter The Soap Dispensary, a small store that enables refills of soaps, cleaning products, edible liquids and DIY ingredients – all natural, fair trade, organic and eco friendly.

Looking around the store was memorizing: all the cute aromatherapy bottles, essential oils, sweet smelling soaps and the array of large tubs enabling customers to purchase products by weight and capacity.

I decided to come back another day when I wasn’t working and in the meantime, look up home made scrub and skin mask recipes online. I was shocked at how easy these are to make at a fraction of the price compared to Lush, The Body Shop and other skincare stores. Therefore I decided to give it ago and try and make a body scrub, using natural ingredients and free from any chemicals/toxins.

My favourite body scrub is by Sanctuary Spa from Boots in the UK. It’s a dead sea salt scrub with oils and minerals, which softened your skin. I usually purchase some of these sachets when I visit or my lovely mother has sent some out to me in the mail.

At £1.75 (around $3) for 60g it isn’t bad and I can easily get 2-3 body scrubs out of it, however I wanted to find a more natural alternative.

I also decided to try and make up a clay mask after visiting Sephora and having one of their beauticians show me this amazing pink clay detox treatment mask. However, at $45 for 250ml – it’s not a price I want to pay.

I went back to The Soap Dispensary and spent $25 on some sweet almond oil, lemon essential oil (to add to the scrubs), some rhassoul clay (for the mask) and a small pipette bottle (to add droplets of the essential oil).

I also purchased some glass containers from dollarama, some corse sea salt and brown sugar from superstore. I already have coconut oil that I use for cooking. Previously I used refined oil but this stuff below is unrefined so I am concerned that my fried eggs are going to taste of coconut…

Salt Scrub

I mixed 1 cup of the sea salt with half a cup of coconut oil (melted as coconut oil is usually in solid form) .

I then added some of the almond oil plus a few drops of the lemon infused oil and mixed it altogether.

The paste was chunky but not overly oily. I then spooned the mixture into one of the jar containers.

Next was the fun bit and trying it out. I only used the scrub on my body and feet. I avoided my face as I don’t know how harsh the salt would be. I came out of my shower with much softer and smoother skin!

Face mask

Next step was the face mask using rhassoul clay. Rhassoul is found in Morocco and contains many natural minerals. It is great for sensitive skin and is meant to improve dry patches and skin texture; it also absorb toxins + excess oil and help with elasticity of the skin.

Rhassoul is also good to use as a hair mask So I will have to try that one.

I added 3 tablespoons to a ceramic bowl* and added enough water to create a paste when mixed together with a plastic/wooden spoon*. I then added 2 drops of the almond oil and some lavender essential oil that I already had. The paste was not overly thick but you can added more clay to create a thicker texture.

* Many recepies will tell you not to use metal spoons or bowls as the clay can mix with the metal toxins.

As I applied the paste to clean skin, I realised that I didn’t need a lot of it to cover my face. I was going to leave the mask on for around 10 – 15 minutes, however after 8 minutes the paste was starting to dry and it was time to wash it off.

This part was messy and it did take a while to get all of the paste off but the results were amazing, my skin felt softer and looked clearer.

Sugar scrub 

Sugar scrubs tend to be less abrasive then salt scrubs and are therefore better for sensitive skin. I have previously used sugar scrubs and do not find they exfoliate as well, however I decided to make a home made sugar scrub for my face.

I used one cup of brown sugar and half a cup of coconut oil. I also added lemon essential oil and mixed it altogether. 

After trying out both scrubs,I much preferred to salt one. It was more rough on my skin and therefore made it feel cleaner and smoother. 

I’m definitely happy that I tried to make my own body scrubs and face mask.


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