Travel journals II

After my recent trip to Nova Scotia, the time has come to start another crafting project and therefore another travel journal. 

I completed one last year just for Vancouver and my trips to Banff and Las Vegas. Unfortunately I took it back to the UK (at that point I didn’t know if I would be staying in Canada or not) but I hope to bring it back out in February. 

Luckily I took some photos of it before I took it back. 

This journal along with Pinterest has given inspiration for the new journal. 

I did bring back some postcards, tickets, brouchures, leaflets etc. to fill it with.

Most of the time I use the dollarstores for materials especially a store called ‘Your Dollar Store’ by Cambie and Broadway. 

The other little gem is Urban Source on Main Street. This place has bins of recycled materials and you can fill a bag for $10 or just pay for what you want. They have a great stick of coloured cardboard, wrapping paper and boxes/ takeaway containers you can use to wrap up gifts. 

all of my supplies

My living room has been a mess for the last 3 weeks with strips of paper and car everywhere but finally it is complete (almost – still have to add some written information to the sections).

I’m very pleased with the end result. 🙂


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