2016 into 2017…

Highlights of 2016 – My Permanent Residency also being one of them

So I see it has been awhile since I posted. The only thing that has prompted this is because I had emails from WordPress this morning saying my blog was getting a lot of traffic; they were not wrong either! 

Some lovely person must have posted a link on the express entry page on Facebook.  I am no longer in this group unfortunately but I am still around to help/answer questions about the process. 

Anyway I’m glad some of the information is still useful for people planning on emigrating to Canada. 


After October, very little has occurred apart from finally purchasing a set of wheels and being raped for car insurance from ICBC. 

Say hello to Mildred

I’ve also only managed to get up to the ski hills twice although one of those times was Grouse Mountain, where I had never been before and probably won’t go back to (I feel Cypress and Seymour are better). However, the view was still pretty awesome.

View from Grouse Mountain

My friend, Nick from Banff (who I had already visited twice) came out to Vancouver for a visit with his brother in November. It was great to host them and to have some long missed British humour. They got to experience Granville Island, Stanley Park and a Canucks game before they went to Vancouver Island. 

Nick even got to say hello to those random laughing men 😂. 

Christmas was a nice time spending it with Adam’s family in Surrey and of course seeing my favourite pup dressed as Santa 😍. 

I don’t think she was too happy with us when we accidently brought her cat treats though. Sorry Ems x.

New year, although I was at the start of my yucky flu/cold thing (see below) was a lot of fun and definitely made up for the last two terrible NYEs. 


From the start of the year, I have struggled with a very bad cold/flu and I am putting it down to the rather unusual cold weather in Vancouver. It’s put pay to a couple of snowboarding days and a trip to Victoria but I won’t let it defeat me. 

I did get out to Merritt, BC to try Ice fishing. It was -16 in the interior but it was nice to be out of the city and to see all the amazing views. Didn’t catch any fish though :(. 

I also finally got myself to The letter Writing Club at The Regional Assembly of Text

Every first Thursday of the month they put out a dozen old typewriters, supply some free paper/materials and you can write letters. They also have a table with stamps and ink pads to add on to your letters. 

The evening was a lot of fun but it is best to get there early otherwise you have to wait for a typewriter to free up. 

My creativeness on the typewriters and stamps

That’s it for now. 🙂 


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