Becki is twenty almost thirty something British expat living in Vancouver, Canada on a working holiday visa. Becki writes about her experiences and adventures on what is probably her third ‘gap year’ by now.

Away from writing, Becki enjoys snowboarding, pole fit, reading, exploring new places and meeting new people.



10 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Bex, Just wanted to say what a brilliant blog you have here. It is truly inspiring me to get back on track with my plans to move to Canada. I have so many questions that I’d really like to ask you… do you have a means of being contacted? It’d be great to run some things past you (like finding work, places to live etc.).



      • Hi Bex,

        Not fully decided at the moment as it’s early days but Alberta is where I’m swaying towards. It’s one of those where I’d probably take a job anywhere and retrain (for another industry/sector) if need be.

  2. Cool. I don’t know much about Alberta as I’m in Vancouver but from what I’ve been told by people, Calgary has much more going on then Edmonton (if that helps?)

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